Database Cleaning / Management

  • We know you have worked very hard for years to build such a huge database for your company filled with Candidates and Companies coded with appropriate keywords for better and easy to find strategy.
  • Outsourcing Point team helps you keep your data up to date with complete security of the data and reliability. We research and update the candidate information into the database and code according to their specialty, Merging and cleanup of duplicate records on every weekend, Getting rid of inactive or irrelevant records, Bulk mails to selective candidates as per clients requirements.
  • BUILDING AND EXPANDING : We scan (scrutinize) and find latest data (figure), enter in database and code properly for easy reflow. You can add details for an existing desk or build up a new desk.
  • DAY TO DAY UPDATING : Clients mails us job-seeker related details and correspondence on a daily basis over e-mail using which we build calls, enter job-seeker (candidates)/client activities, arrange client calls, candidate (job-seeker) meeting etc.
  • CLEANING UP : Amalgamate doublet, modernize with current details, deleting or removing unsatisfactory data, separate or sort out idle companies/candidates, structuring emails using business email formats etc.
  • BULK MAILING : Mass mails to short-list job-seeker, mass mails to modernize directory and job-seeker details and e-mails, mass mails to hiring officials about a great candidate (job-seeker) etc.
  • CODING : This job add-up immense value to your last (previous) database. Based on your demand, we work out a coding plan and code existing / new companies and job-seeker for easy search potential by your recruiting agency or recruiters.